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Matthias Falkenau


American Rivers

American Rivers by Katja Esson on arte and arte+7 in November and December

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New Jan Hirtes Blue Ribbon album featuring Elen Wendt Release 22.3.2014 Wabe/Berlin

Watch out for our new album of Jan Hirtes Blue Ribbon ! We are thrilled about this fantastic-sounding album, recorded at Thommy Hein studios . The collaboration with canadian texter Rob Hoare and Elen Wendt, the incredible voice from Berlin made some teriffic songs. Record Release featuring Elen 22.3.2014 at Berlin Blues Festival at Wabe

Backroads USA

Backroads USA on air:

4.2.13 – The Mohwak Trail across the North East
5.2.13 – The Blues Highway into the Deep South
6.2.13 – The Oregon Trail to the North West
7.2.13 – The Loneliest Road in America
8.2.13 – Route 66 through the South West


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Backroads website

Nomination for German Blues Award 2012

Our band Blue Ribbon is nominated as the best band and the best live album 2012 at the German Blues Award…