Matthias Falkenau



studied piano at Hochschule für Musik und Theater “F.M. Bartholdy” in Leipzig

living, playing and composing in Berlin

selection of films, projects and CDs

Tongo Circus music app – sounddesign (2019)
CD “Ginger Blues” with Jessie Gordon (2017)
American Rivers (arte, rbb 2016)
Tongo music app (first concert productions 2016, app of the year)
CD “Let it roll” (Blue Ribbon 2014)
Backroads USA (arte 2013)
2nd award best filmcomposition at filmtonart 2012 (Bayerischer Rundfunk)
Blue Ribbon & Nayeli live at Yorkschlößchen (CD 2012)
Seen auf dem Dach der Welt – Trailer (arte, MDR 2011)
Qinghai – Der heilige See der Tibeter (arte, MDR 2011)
Uvs Noor – Das Auge Gottes (arte, MDR 2011)
Karakul – Der Kratersee in Tadschikistan (arte, MDR 2011)
Skydancer (arte, WDR 2010)
Adopted (Kino Doku 2010)
Auf die Nacht folgt der Tag (rbb 2010)
Jan Hirte & Blue Ribbon (CD 2009)
Kaliningrad (MDR 2009)
Das Älteste Gewerbe (arte, WDR 2009)
The Green Dragon (Trailer, mythberg films 2007)
Jahcoustix and The Outsideplayers (CD 2006)
Martin Jondo & The Ruffcats (2005/2006)
Gentleman & The Far East Band Live in Cologne (DVD/CD 2003)